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nice shoegazey dream pop love the guitars


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Jack White

I Can Lift A Car

Jack White’s “I’m Shakin'” was up for best rock performance and best music video last night at the GRAMMYs. It won neither category. Somehow Imagine Dragons beat out Jack White, Queens Of The Stone Age, Alabama Shakes, David Bowie, and Led Zeppelin. I’m beside myself.

Sometimes the GRAMMY voters just don’t know how to handle a category. I love Imagine Dragons, but no. In a music world where guitar rock is a very distinguished minority, it’s only right that the award should be given to one of modern rock’s real vanguards.

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The Personality Of Instruments

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Daryl Dominique

We seem to have some weird rules when it comes to the naming of inanimate objects. For that matter we seem to have some weird rules when it comes to the relationship we develop with inanimate objects. For example, it isn’t uncommon for cars to be named, and it’s certainly not uncommon for instruments to have names and even occasionally personalities attached to them. So, why?

I don’t even know why these particular thoughts ended up coming into my head, but I wound up giving it a lot of thought over the weekend and I think I’ve managed to come up with the reason in terms of myself at the very least. You see, as it stands I currently own three guitars (and a harmonica and a bunch of recording equipment, but the guitars are going to be my focus here.) which all have names attributed to them. So I…

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the guy that made me want a be a guitar player

Ade Phazy's Guitar Blog

I couldn’t resist posting a teaser about my Marc Bolan Les Paul VOS. What a beauty!

I’m writing up a new page devoted to this wonderfully excellent guitar.

Yes, we know it’s a “signature” model, issued years after the tragically early demise of the guitarist in question, but who cares – it’s beautifully put together, gorgeous to look at, and a dream to play.

Full review coming soon!

In the meantime, here are some photos to whet your appetite…

Marc Bolan Les Paul VOS Body Even though I used natural light for this shot, it’s really difficult to get an accurate depiction of the colour of this guitar, other than to say that it is less orange in the flesh.

Marc Bolan Les Paul VOS pickups These Gibson Custom pickups are rather rare and sought after. Think hot vintage, but not too hot. They sound great with a classic rock crunch.

Marc Bolan Les Paul VOS body angle The neck is superb and exactly to my taste in terms…

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paisley sound

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper Demo

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Whiskey. Guns. Guitars.

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper Demo

Ditto Looper X2 Ditto Looper X2

Following on the enormous success of the original Ditto Looper, TC Electronics unveiled the new Ditto Looper X2 adding a ton of new features to the original. I personally use my Ditto Looper as an essential practice tool whether it is recording loops to jam over or to practice running scales against a chord drone, the uses are endless. And now TC takes it even further.

New features include:

  • Dedicated Start/Stop Button
  • Looper effects: Stop, Reverse and Half Speed
  • Loop Import/Export and Backing tracks

In the video below Tore from TC takes you through the new features of the Ditto Looper X2:

The Ditto Looper X2 will be available in stores from March 1st and will be available at $179.99 suggested US retail/ 169 € EU SSP / £145 UK SSP.

The original Ditto Looper is still available under $100: 

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My favourite new band…Royal Blood

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the guy plays bass like a lead guitar what an immense noise they make check out his pedal board two pogs


Check out my favourite new band on my latest Blog post for IAmMusic.TV


Bands like this make me happy!

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