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Jimi Hendrix Postal Stamp

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Whiskey. Guns. Guitars.

Jimi Hendrix  Stamp – On sale now. 

Jimi Hendrix receives his own US Postal Service Forever stamp. Jimi Hendrix receives his own US Postal Service Forever stamp.

Jimi Hendrix, who is undoubtedly one of the most influential musicians ever, is finally receiving his own postage stamp from the US Postal Service. The stamps went on sale March 13th on the USP web site. The stamp was created by artist Rudy Gutierrez and is said to reference the butterflies from my personal favorite Hendrix song, ‘Little Wing’.

Hendrix is depicted wearing one of his signature military jackets and playing one of his white Fender Strats.

The Jimi Hendrix DCP Keepsake from the USPS The Jimi Hendrix DCP Keepsake from the USPS

“The technical challenge was making art that will still read at stamp size, so it was a matter of not being overly complicated,” Gutierrez says in a media release. “It was important to make the art accessible … and to be true to the incredible combination of rawness and virtuosity that was…

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just cannot wait to get this pedal the Earthquake devices make the most amazing pedals sweeping church organ music ideal for those soundtracks


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Whiskey. Guns. Guitars.

Korg Nuvibe

The new Korg Nuvibe The new Korg Nuvibe

In what seems to be a never ending battle for the most authentic vibe pedal, Korg just threw its hat into the ring big time. Just announced at Musikmesse in Germany, Korg unveiled the Nuvibe.

Korg enlisted the help of Fumio Mieda, the creator of the original Shin-ei Univibe – the one made famous by Hendrix, Trower, Gilmour and countless others,  to over see the creation of the Korg Nuvibe.

The CdS photoresistor at the heart of the original model is a component that varies its resistance according to the strength of light, and it produces a distinctive effect by using the varying brightness of a small lamp to modify the output signal. Unfortunately, this component is now restricted as a hazardous substance, and cannot be used. Finding a substitute for this part was an absolute requirement in order to match the original model…

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Before Marc Bolan became the biggest star of the 1970’s and my first musical hero, there were two albums issued in the 70’s, this one credited to TYRANNOSAURUS REX and the other to T.REX this one saw him move from the Pysch-Folk strummed acoustic to Electric guitar and the poppier sound that made him a legend. Both albums have been re-released on cd and vinyl with expanded issues that have unreleased songs including demos and out-takes including the first big hit “Ride a White Swan”

the Birth of Joy maybe from Holland but they are one of the finest rock’n’roll bands you likely to see is it Jim Morrison on Vocals, Deep Purples Jon Lord Organs , Hendrix or Gallagher style guitars…….its all

HAIM stomp boxes

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foot pedals

foot pedalshaim 012

haim 011


awesome pedals from the amazing Eathquake Devices

AGNES OBEL “Riverside”

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if you have been wondering what the track is used for the trailer for the new dectective series on BBC1 “SHETLAND” this is it

You must see this band the guy plays bass like a lead guitar what an immense sound they make