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Korg Nuvibe

The new Korg Nuvibe The new Korg Nuvibe

In what seems to be a never ending battle for the most authentic vibe pedal, Korg just threw its hat into the ring big time. Just announced at Musikmesse in Germany, Korg unveiled the Nuvibe.

Korg enlisted the help of Fumio Mieda, the creator of the original Shin-ei Univibe – the one made famous by Hendrix, Trower, Gilmour and countless others,  to over see the creation of the Korg Nuvibe.

The CdS photoresistor at the heart of the original model is a component that varies its resistance according to the strength of light, and it produces a distinctive effect by using the varying brightness of a small lamp to modify the output signal. Unfortunately, this component is now restricted as a hazardous substance, and cannot be used. Finding a substitute for this part was an absolute requirement in order to match the original model…

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