PETE TOWNSHEND – Gibson SG Special Alpine White

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Uncategorized
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who pete townsend guitar

Here is the Pete Townshend original iconic 60’s Alpine White Gibson SG Special with twin P90 single coil soapbar pups and its original case with “The Who” stencil, this was used for the “Live At Leeds” album and gig

In 2011, Gibson re-issued a 50th Anniversary Pete Townshend SG Special in Alpine White to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Gibson SG and Pete’s later use of Polaris White Gibson SG Specials.To celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the instrument behind the Live at Leeds-era Who performances and recordings, Gibson USA releases the 50th Anniversary Pete Townshend SG. Rendered with all the period-correct details of an early ’60s Les Paul/SG Special, with Townshend’s preferred hardware complement, this model represents the early ’60s SG Special with a smaller pre-’65 pickguard (5-ply B/W/B/W/B) that Townshend used for the first British Quadrophenia shows in late 1972 and early ’73, before switching to a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe for the remainder of the ’70s.


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