Building a Better Board: Holeyboards by Chemistry Design Werks

Posted: May 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

While we all love our stompbox collections, no one loves dealing with pedals that won’t stay in place. Some of us might enjoy playing pedalboard Tetris to make all seven pedals accessible on a 14 inch-wide rectangle, but for the rest, it’s a pain. Most of us have at least one pesky pedal that always pops out of place every time you carry your board, or one that requires sniper-like aim to toggle with your boot while playing a show.

Chris Trifilio decided he didn’t want to deal with either of those things. He began building Holeyboards, multi-tiered perforated pedalboards that use zip ties in lieu of velcro and rethink how a board should be built. With thousands sold, his boards have found a welcoming home on Reverb. We recently caught up with him to talk about the beauty of zip ties, 19th century construction ideals and sweltering warehouses…
For starters, the Holeyboards have two levels – a Top Shelf and the Main board – so it’s easy to access the pedals in the back row without pointing your toes. I was the first to do this in 2007. The HoleyRisers that hold up the Top Shelf are customer designed and made by me out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. They are bulletproof.

For Starters there is no velcro anywhere. using zip ties, which in my opinion are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. They are quick, hold tight and are easy to change. They don’t damage your pedals like velcro and adhesives do and they never fall off or move.


Third, the deck is curved to follow the arc of your leg motion for easier, quicker access. These little details make it great. There are also two carry handles are integrated into the board, and I have a lifetime warranty on all of my Holeyboards. They are built like tanks but are lightweight due to all the holes. They weigh as much or less than the other boards out there.


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