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Iconic Guitars – Frampton Edition

From Humble Pie to Frampton Comes Alive and beyond, Peter Frampton has been in the pantheon of great guitarists. This signature Gibson Les Paul is based on Peter’s original factory-modified 1954 Custom. The three-humbucker layout, along with the tune-o-matic bridge, were installed at the Gibson factory at the original owner’s request, giving an wide array of features in one amazing instrument. This model carries over the three pickup scheme, with ’57 Classic, ’57 Classic Plus, and 500T humbuckers providing everything from silky smooth cleans to screaming overdrive with ease. The classic “Black Beauty” appointments, such as Pearl Block inlays, a Split Diamond headstock inlay, and Gold hardware, combine with a slim profile neck for the ultimate in looks and playability! WOW!


MINI FOOGER guitar pedal

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The MF Trem is an analog tremolo pedal based around a balanced modulator and Sub Audio VCO. This unique design creates a wide range of tremolo effects that are based on phase cancellation and addition. Create classic optical and hard tremolo effects that are reactive to harmonic content, or push up the depth control and shift into the beginnings of lush phasing and chorus. The variable Shape control interacts directly with Tone and Mix to craft subtle swells and gallops to rhythmic percussive, and swirling effects. An expression pedal input adds control over tremolo Speed for beautiful, hands-free swells and rotary effects.


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Any fans of The Beatles out there? Of course there are. Check out this Rosewood Fender Telecaster from 1970.

George Harrison used his Rosewood Tele almost exclusively for the “Get Back” recording sessions and for their famous final rooftop concert. When the guitar was completed by virtuoso builders Roger Rossmeisl and Philip Kubicki and subsequently delivered, it got its own seat on the plane and a chaperone to boot.

Fender only shipped Jazzmasters with gold pickguards for about a year and a half in the late ’50s. What material were they made out of? This is an amazing 1959 Jazzmaster… Definitely the nicest vintage fender I’ve ever played let alone owned… It’s all original except for the volume pot and mastery bridge… Original tweed case and hang tag included