The EAGLES – Joe Walsh Guitars Amps and Pedals

Posted: November 29, 2015 in Guitar Pedals, Guitars
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The Gear of The Eagles

Formed in 1971 and continuing 44 years to this day, the Eagles have solidified their place in the rock and roll history. With six Grammy awards, five American Music Awards, five No. 1 singles, six No. 1 albums and more than 150 million albums sold, the Eagles have had their share of fortune and fame. They’ve also experienced the pitfalls of success, including several lineup changes over the years.

Unlike many bands, however, each member of the Eagles had a distinct personality, a tale to tell, and a sturdy presence on and offstage. As with all musicians, the members of the Eagles changed and continue to change the equipment they use. While it would be impossible to include every single piece of gear they used, we’ve tried to hone in on the core of their sounds and offer the best list possible from the major active periods in the group’s history.

Joe Walsh’s Guitars

Joe Walsh has probably used every guitar in existence at one time or another. In the early days he and Felder alternated between Telecasters and a Les Pauls; if Felder were playing a single coil guitar like a Stratocaster, Walsh would frequently play a humbucker guitar like a Les Paul, so that they would have two distinct sounds.

Since the Hell Freezes Over and subsequent tours, Walsh has played a slew of different guitars, but he notably used a black Rickenbacker for slide work and has been a long-time endorser of Carvin Guitars. Various Gretsch and Duesenberg guitars regularly make their way into the set as well.

For acoustics, Walsh used various Takamine and Gibsons.

Joe Walsh’s Amps

With the Eagles, Walsh primarily played Fender Blackface Deluxes and Tweed Deluxes, although a Mesa/Boogie Mark 1 can be seen behind him on the Hotel California tour. He used a Roland Cube for his talk box, as well as for some slide work, including on “The Long Run.”

On the Hell Freezes Over tour, a Fender Blues Deluxe, a Peavey head and a Dr. Z 2×10 cab can be seen behind him. Since then, his amps are almost too numerous to list but he seems to be fond of a Dr. Z Maz 38 2×10 as well as the Z-Lux.

Although not an Eagles tune, Joe Walsh is said to have played a Telecaster into a cranked up Fender Champ to achieve the tone on The James Gang’s classic track “Funk #49.”

Joe Walsh’s Effects

The talk box was probably Walsh’s most famous effect. Used on songs like “Rocky Mountain Way,” and “Those Shoes” this has become a signature of his.

During the recording of Hotel California, he supposedly used an MXR Phase 90 and an Echoplex.


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