Posted: December 3, 2015 in Guitars

Who is the best new guitarist of 2015

The new blood was flowing this year, with everything from blues to alt-rock and metal getting a swift kick up the backside from these upstarts.

But who is the future star?
Who is the best new guitarist of 2015?
Alex Babinski/Lyndsey Gunnulfsen (PVRIS)
Henry Kohen (Mylets)

I used to read Total Guitar every day when I was a small child. I used to get caught in lessons reading it instead of doing my work. I had a really cool science teacher once who caught me but talked to me about how he played guitar too instead of telling me off. This publication played a big part in my guitar playing and childhood. I am very honoured to have been nominated in the “best new guitarist” category..

Laurie Vincent (Slaves)
Joe Gosney (Black Peaks)
James Bay
Jared James Nichols
Joe Langridge-Brown/Dom Craik (Nothing But Thieves)
Thom Edward (God Damn)

Hey, I’ve been nominated for “New guitarist of the Year” by Total Guitar . Put a dot by my name if you fancy. There’s some amazing names and friends on this list so it’s very nice just to be nominated. I’m not one for turning music into a sport or a race, I guess this is harmless though.
One sloppy guitarist but I got my thing.
Thom. X


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