J MASCIS of DINOSAUR JR – ” Ernie Ball: String Theory “

Posted: November 4, 2016 in Uncategorized
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“String Theory” is a web series from Ernie Ball that explores the sonic origins of some of music’s most innovative players. In this episode Ernie Ball of the series, artist and guitarist for influential rock band Dinosaur Jr., J Mascis

The Dinosaur Jr frontman/guitar hero J Mascis is talking about how he first gravitated towards guitar playing, and how it’s his main form of musical expression today.
“Guitar playing to me is, like, my main musical expression these days. Playing leads especially, I really can convey what I’m feeling in that moment. Singing, a lot of times, I don’t improvise. I’ll just sing the same thing and play the same chords. But solos are always different. They’re always me expressing myself at that moment, which is my favorite part of playing,” J says in his usual deadpan.

He also mentions why he started using Ernie Ball strings: “I remember seeing Ernie Ball strings in the store as a kid. The graphics and the way they wrote all the letters and stuff, it appealed to my more psychedelic side. And they just looked like strings for making rock music.” The video also has several clips of J soloing, which is reason enough to watch.


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