TASH SULTANA – How To Build A Song With Loop Pedals

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Guitar Pedals, Guitars, Recording
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Tash Sultana

Melbourne’s Tash Sultana and her incredible talent as a busker on the streets of Melbourne

Bringing fans into her home studio with a series of self-made live recordings was the first step, broadening her audience from whoever happened to be stopped in the street by her ridiculously varied skillset, to people across the globe.  Tash found the time to start up her own label and release her debut EP.

Now, with her name on every festival bill you’d care to mention, and her management Lemon Tree Music Management joining to take her to the U.S., it’s only going to get bigger for Tash in 2017.

Beyond all else, it’s Tash’s sheer breadth of talent and incredible showmanship that’s allowed her to make her mark this year. In a live setting especially, Singulary Tash blows the majority of other acts off the stage – and does it all solo. Her voice is outrageously versatile, dulcet one moment, sharp and rapid-fire the next – and her toolbox of instruments is similarly crammed. Shifting effortlessly from one to the next, Tash can elevate a short burst of pan-flute beat boxing to become just as enthralling as her searing guitar solos, all delivered with an unwavering joy.


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