The Best Pedals In The World Today – Caroline Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Guitar Pedals
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Caroline Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay

A lo-fi sounding digital delay with a gritty preamp and a secret weapon that enables you to create sonic Havoc.

The Caroline Guitar Company, founded in Columbia, South Carolina, turned to crowdfunding to make the vision for the initial run of the Kilobyte a reality, and we sure are glad it succeeded. No member of the G&B team proved immune to this lo-fi pedal’s charms when it arrived in the office earlier this year and it’s one of our favourite delays of recent times.

This gritty-sounding digital delay takes your original dry signal path, keeps it analogue, and then smashes it via a +21dB overdrive preamp into the sort of lo-fi digital delay chip found in kids’ toys. The result is gloriously scuzzy repeats with subtle warbly modulation. Fans of Electro-Harmonix’s classic Deluxe Memory Man will find plenty to enjoy, with the tasty-sounding modulation circuit designed by Jack DeVille lending a sweet warble to the repeats, which have a maxmium delay time just short of a second.

The Kilobyte’s attack control, represented by a cheery-looking space invader, governs the gain in the repeater preamp, and turning it up lends a dirty, overdriven edge to the repeats. However, this retro-sounding pedal has a sting in the trails, in the shape of the aptly-named Havoc control. Holding down this sturdy stomp switch cranks the feedback level set by the sum control up to maximum and results in epic high-pass filtered self-oscillation.

It’s enormous fun, but also very musical, as G&B reviewer Richard Purvis noted: “You can ride this switch through chord progressions like an accelerator, letting the noisy ambience build then lifting off just long enough to get round the corners.” The Kilobyte shows lo-fi doesn’t have to mean analogue. Give it a try.

Key features
PRICE £199
DESCRIPTION True-bypass digital delay pedal, made in USA; Level, Attack, Sum, Clock & Modulation controls; Havoc switch; powered by 9V DC adaptor


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