The Best Pedals In The World Today – EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Guitar Pedals
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EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run

Why buy two pedals to sate your delay and reverb needs when this ingenious blue box full of ambient noises will do both?

Expanding on EarthQuaker Devices’ template for the popular Dispatch Master, the Avalanche Run is an easy-to-use combined delay and reverb machine with a host of modes that deliver dreamy ambient sounds aplenty.

This little blue pedal from the clever sonic architects in Akron, Ohio, has Normal, Reverse and Swell modes and a tap tempo. In Normal mode, we get traditionally configured delay and reverb; in Reverse mode, the delay line is in reverse and the rather beautiful reverb remains in Normal mode, while when set to Swell the Avalanche Run reacts intuitively to your picking dynamics before a volume swell is added to the entire signal path.

All of the above makes it a very attractive proposition for post-rockers, shoegazers and soundscapers who experiment intrepidly with self-oscillation and sound-on-sound pseudo looping. The delay has a useful maximum time of two seconds.

One of the key features of the Avalanche Run, which makes it a great choice for live use, is the ability to connect it up to an expression pedal, with the Exp selector switch allowing you to control one of six functions – very useful for cranking the delay mix or feedback during a gig to send your sound into self-oscillating mayhem.

G&B test pilot Paul Gregory of Newcastle band Lanterns On The Lake noted: “The feedback function is amazing for pseudo looping – you can get some really epic pieces as the delays cascade into feedback, creating a whole host of ambient noise, and in a live setting it’s very easy to control. This pedal has so many possibilities hiding in it and each one I’ve found has been very usable.”

Key features
PRICE £299
DESCRIPTION Digital delay & reverb pedal with two seconds of delay & three reverb modes: Normal, Reverse & Swell; Time, Repeats, Tone, Delay Mix, Decay, Reverb & Mix controls; expression jack assign switch, ratio selector switch, mode selector switch expression pedal jack; tap tempo


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