The Best Pedals In The World Today – Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar Stereo Tap Tremolo

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Guitar Pedals
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Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar Stereo Tap Tremolo

The prolific New York brand takes one of the oldest guitar effect types to another level with this feature-packed stereo tremolo.

The Super Pulsar builds on EHX’s popular Stereo Pulsar pedal, cramming in more sounds and adjustable controls than any trem had previously dared to incorporate. It’s a phenomenally creative and musical tool that may change the way you think about one of guitar’s staple effects.

Offering stereo inputs and outputs and analogue circuitry, the Pulsar is insanely versatile. Subtle amp-style sounds, optical trem, stereo panning, rhythmic patterns with up to 16 steps and reverse effects are all at your disposal. Whether you want to emulate the glorious sound of four Fender Twins on Johnny Marr’s How Soon Is Now? riff, the stuttering amp tremolo of Keef’s Gimme Shelter, optical trem for that Twin Peaks sound, or more deeply effected pulsating ambient washes, the Pulsar has the range of controls to do it.

The waveforms include sine, triangle and pulse, and you have control over rate, depth, shape, phase and volume. It also comes with a mesmerising blue light show – eight blue LEDs that pulse in time to the rate of the tremolo, and indicate which of the eight presets you have selected. Those presets are another highly useful feature for live performance, allowing you to save your favourite sounds to an SD card.

There are also tap tempo and tap divide switches to ensure your tremolo is locked in time with the rest of the band, as well as an xRate button that halves or doubles the selected tempo, which can take things into the mysterious world of the ring mod.
The Pulsar’s envelope depth and rate controls enable you to link the effect speed to your picking dynamics – strum a chord and the tremolo slows or speeds up as the sound dies away. Enormous fun.

Key features
PRICE £219
DESCRIPTION Stereo tap tremolo pedal with analogue circuitry, Volume, Rt. Phase, Wave, Shape, Depth, Wave Invert, Tap Divide, Exp mode, Envelope Depth, Envelope Rate, xRate, tap tempo, mode preset and bypass controls; stereo ins/outs; powered by 9V DC/AC adaptor


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