The Best Pedals In The World Today – Eventide H9 Harmoniser

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Guitar Pedals
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Eventide H9 Harmoniser

Packing reverb, delay, modulation and pitch-shifting effects into a box smaller than a CD case, the H9 could be the ultimate pedal.

Multi-effects units are by no means every guitarist’s cup of tea. Despite being a low-maintenance, space-saving option, they’re maligned by many for the perceived lower quality of the sounds they offer and for not providing a comprehensive range of effects. However, if any one unit could be said to quash those claims it’s Eventide’s peerless box of sonic majesty, the H9.

Seemingly impossibly for a stompbox that’s a mere 133x118x50mm, it’s packed with eight algorithms taken from Eventide’s mesmerising TimeFactor (delay), Space (reverb), PitchFactor (pitchshift) and ModFactor (modulation) units – plus its own UltraTap delay. The one-knob user interface is surprisingly straightforward to use and a pair of onboard switches make for easy live preset manoeuvres.
The sounds are studio quality, and Eventide has factored in MIDI compatibility.

You can also purchase new algorithms via the H9 Control app, and USB and Bluetooth connectivity means you can scroll through and edit presets on your computer or tablet in the studio. Sure, it’s a large amount of money for a single unit, but when you do the maths and tally up the cost of buying each of the separate Eventide pedals necessary to get all the sounds onboard, it starts to make sense.

If you can stretch to the Max version – which gives you access to every effect in Eventide’s impressive sonic arsenal – the sky truly is your limit. Alternatively, the cheaper, more basic, Core version (£449) still has vast scope. With everything from staple effects such as slapback, spring reverb and chorus to the complex ambient sounds provided by the SpaceTime and CrushStation algorithms, the H9 sounds amazing.

Key features
PRICE £569
DESCRIPTION Multi-effects processor with 99 presets, reverb, delay, modulation & pitchshifting algorithms & onboard tuner; stereo I/O and real-time MIDI control, Bluetooth & USB connectivity, tap tempo; expression pedal & aux footswitch input


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