The Best Pedals In The World Today – Fulltone OCD

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Guitar Pedals
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Fulltone OCD

An overtone-rich overdrive that preserves highs and lows while offering dynamic touch sensitivity – there’s no wonder the OCD remains an obsession for tonehounds the world over.


California-based Fulltone, created by company founder Michael Fuller, debuted the Obsessive Compulsive Drive back in 1994. It has since become one of the biggest-selling overdrives on the market (and the best-selling hand-built) and a go-to choice for players across many genres, but back then, this was one of the instigators of what eventually became the ‘boutique’ pedal market we’re now all hopelessly in thrall to.

Its party trick, both back then and now – and it’s an ingenious trick – is to essentially create the sound and (importantly) the feel and response of an amplifier in a pedal. The OCD has a large dynamic range, and offers a continuum of usable sounds – from transparent clean boost to gritty, harmonic-laden fuzzy distortion. And all the while, it responds to the intensity of your playing style, with impressive sensitivity to changes in your pick attack and lightness of touch.

Roll back your volume control and you’ll reveal a world of subtle tonal colourations – Fulltone claims no other pedal cleans up like an OCD. And while the triumvirate of Drive, Volume and Tone controls might seem simplistic, the HP (think ‘high gain’) and LP (think ‘drive and boost’) settings – together with the aforementioned dynamics reproduction – give you access to a whole world of tones to manipulate.

The OCD’s clarity means your Tele still sounds like a Tele and Les Paul sounds like a Les Paul in the LP mode, with little colouration; and its famed punch and sustain makes you feel as though you’re playing a cranked amp in full bloom even at bedroom-volume levels. Pro players as varied as Robin Trower, Keith Urban, Joey Santiago and Paul Gilbert have all been attracted to its addictive charm and chime – we’re pretty sure you will be, too.

Key features
PRICE £145
DESCRIPTION True-bypass overdrive pedal with High Peak/Low Peak switch powered by 9v to 18v power supply or 9v battery


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