The Best Pedals In The World Today – Supro 1305 Drive

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Guitar Pedals
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Supro 1305 Drive

A musical, old-time Supro amp-aping overdrive with an output transformer and an intriguing expression-pedal option for increasing gain.

Supro – a spin-off of the once ubiquitous Valco guitar and amp manufacturer – was one of those near-mythical Stateside brands that people used to drool over in well-pawed catalogues throughout the Golden Age of the electric-guitar boom.

By the late 1960s, it had been consigned to history, the pawn shops, and later, eBay. There it largely remained until, in 2014, Pigtronix owner Absara Audio saw fit to revive the Supro name, releasing a series of well-received amps which we’d recommend you check out, too.

Earlier this year, the company announced its expansion into the stompbox realm with three pedals – the Fuzz, Boost and Drive. In keeping with the styling of its retro Americana forebears, the Drive’s brushed aluminium enclosure, with its lightning logo and blue finish, cuts a fittingly retrofuturistic dash.

Supro claims it’s the closest thing money can buy to the sound of a real overdriven Supro amp, achieved by mimicking the amp circuit at every stage – with special focus on the unique characteristics of the power-amp section, hence the unique Transformer switch.
Setting the in-built transformer to Bold results in a smidgen of dirt and a distinct thickening of the mids; flick it over to Rich and you’ll be rewarded with a smoother crunch, with the mids flattened out and with more fizz in the top end.

Cranking up the gain adds solid and controlled drive with no obvious effect on playing dynamics – overall, Supro delivers on its promise that the Drive offers a pretty faithful reproduction of a throaty Supro’s output stage, and the pedal is full of highly musical, highly usable sounds throughout its range.

Key features
PRICE £169
DESCRPTION USA-made true-bypass overdrive pedal with Volume, Gain, Tone and Bold/Rich transformer toggle switch; inputs for TRS expression pedal and 9-18v power supply

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