The Best Pedals In The World Today – Way Huge Green Rhino MkIV

Posted: March 15, 2017 in Guitar Pedals
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Way Huge Green Rhino MkIV

A Tube Screamer-style drive with additional tone-sculpting for the low-end and midrange frequencies.

Blame Stevie Ray – the Ibanez Tube Screamer is among the best-selling and most often-imitated pedals of all time. Its ability to drive the front end of an amp into delicious bluesy crunch, then ladle on increasingly compressed-but-musical-sounding dirt, has made it one of the most enduring and sought-after guitar sounds.

One of its defining characteristics is a midrange ‘hump’ that cuts through a typical band mix; and one of the common complaints levelled against it is a corresponding lack of bottom end, particularly exposed when playing in a three-piece setup. Over the years, variants have come and gone which have tried to address this perceived shortcoming by using different components in the circuit; others, notably the Way Huge Green Rhino MkII in 2010, took a different approach by offering a control to cut or boost the specific 100Hz low-end frequency by 12dB.

The MkII – a revitalised upgrade of the cult-favourite original (designed by Jeorge Tripps and originally released in 1994), was widely acclaimed; and for 2016, the MkIV has appeared, further refining the design while (quite literally) embodying the tone of the original, via a Classic switch.

In case you were curious, the MkIII was a prototype, and only a couple now exist: according to Way Huge, most of the prototype circuit boards were converted to make three prototype Overrated Specials for Joe Bonamassa. Time will tell whether it’s the ultimate incarnation of the TS sound, but its smaller, more pedalboard-friendly casing, 100Hz and 500Hz controls for respective low-end and mids shaping and its clarity and singing sustain will definitely take some beating, whatever the application.

Key features
PRICE £152
DESCRIPTION True-bypass overdrive with Volume, Tone, Drive, Classic, 100Hz and 500Hz controls, powered by 9v battery or power supply


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