GEORGE HARRISON Rosewood Fender Telecaster

Posted: February 17, 2022 in Uncategorized

Admired for his inspiring playing ability and song writing prowess, George Harrison reigns as one of the premier icons in music history. To honour Harrison’s venerable career, we created the George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster, a limited-edition commemoration that embodies George’s elegant playing style and sound. The George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster celebrates the legacy of one of rock’s most treasured heroes. Limited to 1,000 guitars worldwide, this iconic model –as seen in The Beatles documentary ‘Get Back’ currently streaming – features a chambered rosewood body, Pure Vintage ‘64 pickups, late-’60s “C”-shaped rosewood neck and a vintage-style threaded steel saddle bridge.

In the late 1960s, Fender had designs to introduce a new type of Telecaster to its wide range of ground breaking instruments. This model would do away with the traditional maple, alder and ash tonewoods typically found on guitars and basses up to that point. 

The material of choice for this groundbreaking model was rosewood. Typically only used for fingerboards, rosewood boasts a unique sound quality delivering bell-like highs, smooth mids and punchy lows. Altogether, it was a perfect platform for the legendary George Harrison to record some of the most iconic music of his career.

Harrison received the rosewood Telecaster in 1968, as the Beatles were in the middle of their ambitious “Let It Be” sessions and planning their subsequent rooftop concert from the Apple Corps headquarters in London. 

The Beatles’ final public performance showcased this unique deep-brown guitar to a global audience, as Harrison’s gift looked and sounded impeccable in his capable hands.

Seeing Harrison run through now-classics like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Get Back” with the rosewood Telecaster established it as one of the most iconic guitars in rock lore, and now you can own your own piece of history with the limited-edition George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster. 

This iteration of Harrison’s namesake instrument features a late-’60s “C”-shaped rosewood neck that provides exceptional resonance, while the 9.5” radius fingerboard and 21-medium jumbo frets allow smooth chording and easy bends. 

Other features include a vintage-style threaded steel saddle bridge, chrome bridge cover, “F”-stamped tuners and a custom George Harrison “Om” logo neckplate. Capped at only 1,000 models worldwide, the George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster captures the qualities of the artist that made it famous — subtle and classy on the exterior, all while being a musical powerhouse through and through. 

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